The values that form Garrison Security

Integrity and Transparency

GSM insists on approaching our work from a position of strength. Our products and services are rigorously tested, monitored procedurally and backed up exhaustively. GSM ensures that any work that is undertaken is fully resourced and supported in order to provide the best service possible. Insisting that our employees are not only fully trained and licensed but have the knowledge that they have the full support of GSM management in all that they undertake.

In environments where corruption and manipulation of people and standards is prevalent, GSM maintains a focused and professional approach, providing best practice and setting standards for others to follow. The Company will never take on unethical work and constantly strives to ensure that employees receive the remuneration and rewards that they deserve.

Technology Driven: although GSM is principally a people business it is our knowledge and experience in the use of technology that enhances our performance and ability to deliver.  Our market leading technology drives and underpins everything we do.

Global Reach, Local Grounding: Our senior people are comfortable in any environment be it the UK or worldwide, but it is our grounding locally that gives us our edge. GSM has significant experience when it comes to operational delivery and as such has developed the necessary systems, procedures and resources to serve our clients with the integrity and professionalism and at the level they deserve each and every time we operate.  

GSM will constantly strive to deliver best industry practice,therefore, ensuring a trusting relationship and peace of mind for its clients. Fulfilling our ethos of operating with integrity, honesty and professionalism.

Our Mission