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Keeping Your Property Secure

Remote monitoring of commercial or domestic properties is now both common place and cost effective.  GSM offers comprehensive and tailored solutions to ensure peace of mind:

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Railway security company

Transport and Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure often attracts criminal elements for personal gain or malicious intent, including vandalism.  GSM understand these requirements when securing large scale operations such as railways, power plants or similar large scale operations.  Pro-active security is crucial, ensuring we are always one step ahead of the criminal. We employ a variety of methods to ensure protection of personnel and property. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Farm Machinery Security


In today’s agriculture sector the threat of theft is ever present and rising, the impact of theft upon farming communities can be devastating be it the loss of expensive machinery, tools or other valuable assets that are all targets for a thief.  Often recovering from the loss takes not only a financial toll but also an emotional toll upon the victims.  The remoteness of farms often sadly means a delayed response from police where it is often too late to react appropriately in deterring or detecting a crime. Garrison Security Management provide mobile routine patrols as well as reactive response vehicles, we can deploy Guard Monitoring Systems whereby you will have the peace of mind knowing that you hard earned assets are protected by monitoring our patrol activity on your phone or computer.

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Manufacturing Security Company


Manufacturing and production provides unlimited opportunity for theft and corruption. We understand busy working environments and can create a security paradigm to promote a harmonious environment that won’t hamper your operations.

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